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Bullock Restaurant & Bar

109 Sophia St, Timaru
Open 7 days, 5.00pm – late
Lunch (Fri – Sun Only) 11am- 2pm
We do good food, and do it well

The origin of our Bullock Restaurant

Owners of a new pub and restaurant in Timaru wanted to raise the bar when it comes to hospitality, so this was the starting point for the new Bullock Restaurant & Bar in Sophia St.

“It’ll be a good product for a fair price, with great service,”

New Zealand bar owners had to “step up” when it came to providing a good service, considering the country’s largest growth area was tourism.

You’ve got to seriously target food, or you’re going to achieve nothing.

“Do good food, and do it well, that’s the key.”

The bar area holds about 200 people, and the premises has dining space for about 130 people, with a function room which can hold about 100 people.


Here at Bullock Restaurant and Bar our chefs take pride in each and every item we offer on our menu. They put in the time and dedication in the kitchen to bring you the meals at the best quality possible with the best ingredients they can find.  Have a look at what we offer, we know you will love what we have too.